Around 2:00 every day, the howler monkeys cross through the trees above our pool. They’re super cute, but VERY loud. They sound kind of like a dying hippopotamus. They’re small- about the size of a cat- and are black.

Howler monkey in the tree right by our pool

We’ve seen other kinds of monkeys too. When we went to Montezuma we saw a white-faced monkey, which looked pretty much exactly like a howler monkey except with a white face.

White-faced capuchin monkey near Playa Cuevas

We went to Playa Cuevas yesterday now that we have a rental car and stayed there for most of the afternoon. We explored rocky tide pools and found some cool shells, and went exploring for a bat cave that mom read about. (We never actually found it.) 

On our way into the beach, we saw more white faced monkeys and on the beach there were a ton of hermit crabs. They were scuttling around everywhere! Dad said if you lay down and you’re really quiet you can hear their sharp little claws on the sand. I tried, but I couldn’t hear it. There was a really cool bird perched in a tree for a while too.

We also met several normal crabs, one of which was blue. And while we were exploring the tide pools we found a couple small fish (though they weren’t very exciting, they were just minnows).

As one more surprise, as we were leaving, we saw a coati! A coati basically has the head of an opossum, the body of a chunky cat, and the tail of a monkey. And the personality of a raccoon. So in all a delightful combination.

One more animal we’ve met in Costa Rica is the iguana. We see them all around our condo. They love to sit on trees where the sun warms them and bob their heads up and down.

Two gray iguanas right by our condo – one chased the other down the tree!

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