The Corcovado Excursion (Cassidy)

Sunday morning was an amazing experience for us. We started out our day having to wake-up at 5:45. (Well that’s when mom & Dad woke us up, I don’t know when they woke up, but I can tell you it was early!) Anyways, we quickly changed and made our way down to breakfast. After eating a delicious meal of pancakes, eggs, and Gallo-pinto, we walked to shore to get on our 6:30 boat to Corcovado national park.

When we got off the boat we were-of course-on a beach with a bazillion hermit crabs so of course I stepped on one. Sierra decided we had to give the hermit crab a funeral, so we put it on a rock, put a shell over it, and said the eulogy. Then we started our hike.

First our guide spotted a bird called a trogon. We looked at it through his scope. We saw both a male and female.

 This is the Male:

And this is the female:

While we were watching the trogons, we saw about five peccaries (like a wild boar) run across the trail! Peccaries can be very dangerous, our guide said if a peccary came too close to you, you should climb a tree!  And he said they have really sharp teeth and claws. We kept going and found some spider monkeys!

Spider monkey through the scope

After that we saw a toucan that must have been ten feet away from us and at about eye level for Dad!

Then we saw a huge scorpion that Mom still hates. On the hike there were mosquitos everywhere so we decided to use big leaves to swat them away. Thank goodness we put on extra mosquito repellant!

When we were about to turn around our guide led us to a river that we could swim in and a log we could walk across like a balance beam.

When we came to the beach to keep walking there, we saw a hawk sitting right next to its nest.

Our guide, Manuel, on the beach

Going back we saw a huge family of coatis, and later a sloth. It was way up high in a tree; there’s no way we we would have seen it without our guide and the scope. Also pulling back into Drake Bay Wilderness Resort we saw a crocodile on the river bank! AHHHHHHHHHHH!

2 thoughts on “The Corcovado Excursion (Cassidy)

  1. Dear Cassidy,
    What a fascinating story you tell about this adventure. I loved reading your descriptions & seeing the pictures. I’m really sorry about the hermit crab.
    I have a question: what’s a Gallo-pinto?
    Love YaYa


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