Drake Bay Wilderness Resort (Sierra)

Remember our Orcas Island blogs from last summer? We were saying how the grounds of our hotel reminded us of Orcas Island in terms of flowers.

For our two-night stay on the Osa Peninsula, we stayed at a hotel called Drake Bay Wilderness Resort. It’s not a big place in terms of rooms, there were 20-25 rooms in the entire hotel, but there is a lot of land, and it is covered in flowers!

View from one of the pathways at Drake Bay Wilderness Resort

The rooms were in a cabin style, so they were very spread out.

Cassie, Dad and me on our front porch

If you walked out of your room and twenty meters forward along a grassy field, you hit the rocky beach.

View from our cabin

All around the paths from room to room were gorgeous hibiscuses (hibisci?) in all different shades of pink and red. There was one tree that was dropping hot pink bottlebrush petals! 

If you walk all the way to the edge of the property, there is a tide pool area. On Monday, while Mom went into the little town of Aguitas nearby, Cassie, Dad and I went to the tide pool and swam around in it for almost 3 hours! It was so relaxing.

Our private tide pool on the grounds of the resort

The water was super warm and there were little rock benches to sit on. There were some cool fish swimming around too. We saw some tiger-striped fish, and even a bright blue fish! Cassidy made a sea slug friend in the pool.

Back on the other side of the property is the office area, where we had meals and checked in and out. Sometimes, when we passed the office, we would see an orange cat.

Happy the Cat

There were apparently two cats that looked similar named Happy and Tigre. Happy was a very friendly, sweet kitty who had more white on him, and Tigre was the not-as-friendly brother who sometimes bit. Luckily we mostly saw Happy!

Some more animal friends we made were the hermit crabs. They were everywhere on the beach! Cassidy accidentally stepped on one, so we had a funeral for poor Johnny. I found him a coffin.  We loved carrying them around, and even rescued a couple that had fallen into the swimming pool! 

One thought on “Drake Bay Wilderness Resort (Sierra)

  1. Hi Sierra
    It’s so nice to read about your stay at Drake Bay. Especially nice to know you were enjoying hibisci(?), just like I do here in FL.
    Don’t tell Alani about Happy the cat!
    And tell Cassie I would NOT make friends with a sea slug!!
    Love YaYa


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