Final Night in the Galapagos

On our final evening in the Galapagos, we took the pangas to the most beautiful beach we saw on the trip. The sand was white and the water was a vibrant shade of aqua blue. Unfortunately, it was cloudy and even a bit drizzly when we arrived, but by the time we left it had cleared a bit.

Sierra and I started off by running up and down the beach a few times, which felt really good after so many days of very limited exercise (all of our walks were incredibly slow!) We ran by a group of huge sea lions and stopped for a quick photo shoot.

While we were doing that, Cassidy and the other kids set about writing “Evolution 2022” in the sand using a mix of shells, seaweed, driftwood, and rocks. It’s hard to believe we are saying good-bye to this magical place…I just wish Noah could have experienced more of it with us.

The kids from our yacht with their sand creation


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