The Dog Next Door

By: Cassidy

Since we’re staying in a condo complex we have neighbors right next door. (Although we are at the end of a little fork that goes up the mountain where the condos are, so we only have neighbors on one side.) Anyways, next door our neighbor, who’s name is Sammy, has a dog (just like everyone else in this town.) named Koa. Koa is one of the fluffier dogs in town. She’s a Border collie so she has a lot of energy. Every time we walk out of our condo, we see Koa playing fetch with Sammy. Sammy has to keep his door open all day so that Koa can easily run outside to play fetch with me and Sierra. In many ways Koa is also like a cat. Whenever she is about to go after the ball, she hides under one of the cars parked outside someones condo. Koa is also a little bit shy sometimes. Even though she knows us, she doesn’t come right up to us and ask for pets, she kinda stays back a bit and puts her ears back and slowly warms up to us.

Me playing fetch with Koa

To thank Sammy for letting us play with Koa, we gave him four of our thirty soft ginger cookies. (Even though he was glad we were playing with Koa to get her energy out.)

Our fresh-baked ginger cookies

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