Cassidy and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day


  1. First, on Tuesday morning the cleaners didn’t come, so we spent all day at the pool. (What a crisis)
  2. Then, when we came back (at 4pm!) the cleaners had come, but the laundry we put out wasn’t washed.
  3. After that the cleaners accidentally locked the door to Mom and Dads bedroom and we couldn’t get in, and there is no existing key.
  4. Finally, when Mom was cooking dinner, she decided that the zucchini, corn fritters were taking way to long to cook – and just wouldn’t cook at all! So Dad made some scrambled egg to go with them, and Sierra made a salad.
  5. Then when we tried to turn on the T.V to finish the rest of the movie we were watching, it decided we were mean people and didn’t turn on. And, to top that off, the channel that was on when we were trying to turn on the T.V was Smackdown (terrible Costa Rican TV show with people punching each other)!
  6. Then Sierra accidentally elbowed me in the eye while doing the chicken dance to convince our parents to give us cookies (see photo below).
  7. Finally around 9pm, we had to get a door guy to come, and thankfully the window to Mom and Dads room was not locked, so the guy could go through the window and open the door. (Also the guy was really loud, so it took a while for me and Sierra to fall asleep.)
Spending the day at the pool
My elbowed eye

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