Maybe not quite Hawaii, but still warrants a selfie…

Yesterday we took a boat from the pier here in San Martin, which travels for about 30 minutes (very slowly) to a small sand/gravel beach on Lago Lacar.


In keeping with what we’ve seen so far in the lake district, here are a few observations:

  • Boat rides are rather pricey, especially on a relative basis to other forms of travel. We should probably take taxis instead…
  • Beaches are usually quite empty – except for some random dogs and a few families – until about 2pm.  When the Argentines do arrive, some have an unfortunate habit of feeding the geese (grrrrr), and many come armed with very long selfie sticks (see below) which they use liberally (including for photos with geese).


  • The rocky lakeside beaches around here are not the cleanest, particularly given the contrast with such lovely natural surroundings. There are generally quite a few cigarette butts, and on the last several beaches, a LOT of goose poop.
  • The girls generally entertain themselves quite well in these settings, digging in the sand, wading in the water, collecting rocks, etc.  However, given the previous point, I have to concentrate hard on reading and suspend concern about them inadvertently collecting goose poop instead of rocks.


  • A lake outing will always be considered more successful if it ends with ice cream. And if the ice cream cafe happens to have a bouncy house, it’s like nirvana (see La Nina Curiosa’s blog post, which is far more interesting than mine.)

The weather was great, so a pleasant outing overall, though perhaps not my #1 lake district beach experience. (As for the title, Cassidy asked me yesterday when we could go back to Hawaii…)

-La Portavoz

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