Quito from 13,000 feet!

Our day starts out by a restless sleep, being jet lagged, and getting up to walk to Cafe Jurgen for breakfast. When we arrive at the “cafe,” conveniently it’s not there. Feeling let down, we walk around until we find a cute cafe called Cafe Lab. (The theme of the cafe is items that you might find in a lab.)

After a good breakfast, a driver that mom had hired to drive us around Quito for the day picks us up at the cafe and takes us to where we would be getting the TelefériQo tram that takes us up the Pichincha Volcano, which is a 4,100 meter, inactive volcano!

The view from the TelefériQo.

When we arrive at the top of the volcano, we wander around for a while looking towards the East part of Quito. (But being so high you can really see the whole city.)

View from the top of the Teleferico

After seeking out our destination, a swing set right over the beautiful city, that gives you a stunning view of the Quito, we start our trek up to the swings.

On our way, we spot the most peculiar scene. Almost half way up, we pass a woman with three adorable alpacas! She tells us that she hikes for an hour to get the alpacas up to this spot on the mountain. The lady is offering pictures with the alpacas, and she has sombreros and ponchos for the pictures. My favorite was the baby alpaca named Blancita; she was one month and 18 days old, and if clouds weren’t made of water and condensation, they would feel like that baby alpaca fur.

The alpacas kissing Mom

When we get to the swings we have to wait a bit – when it’s our turn, Sierra and I climb onto the swings and stare out over the city at the gorgeous view.

Sierra and me on the swings

After that Sierra and I take pictures of Mom and Dad swinging.

-La Niña Obstinada (Cassidy)

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