Happy Birthday, Sierra! (Linda)

Yesterday my lovely firstborn child turned 12. Very hard to believe. I stayed up late the night before her birthday doing a watercolor painting for her card and writing her a poem. Cassidy also did a lovely watercolor card for her of a beach sunset.

On the morning of Sierra’s birthday we had to go get our COVID tests, as having a negative test is now required to board any international flight bound for the U.S. It was kind of a pain to get the appointments, but everything went smoothly once we arrived at Hospital Metropolitano in Quepos. We had to wait for quite a while to get the actual nose swab (ouch), but the girls did great, with some help from Rufus the stuffie. The best news is that we have already received our negative results — PHEW! Now I just need to figure out how to upload them to the United website.

During the day yesterday I attempted to use up some of our remaining staple ingredients by making homemade chocolate chip cookies. It turned out to be quite a science experiment, since our house has no measuring cups, no measuring spoons, no mixer, and a very confusing oven that I have not quite mastered. Let’s just say the cookies were the most unusual chocolate cookies I have ever made, but not bad for those who really actually prefer to eat cookie dough (e.g. crisp on top, raw on the bottom)!

The rest of Sierra’s birthday was spent – as most days – in online school. Bleh. But after school we went down to Playa Dominicalito for a lovely sunset.

We then drove into Dominical for sushi – Sierra’s favorite! – at Sushi Domincal. The sushi was pretty good, but it took FOREVER. Alas. We played many rounds of Hearts while waiting. We then rushed back for ice cream sundaes at home, which Sierra prefers to cake. The rush was because I had scheduled an 8pm surprise Zoom bday call for Sierra with some of her school friends, which was so special. Boy do we miss seeing everyone in person, but I know it meant a lot to her to see everyone on the screen. THANK YOU, FRIENDS!

This morning we went to Playa Linda and were pleasantly surprised at the excellent swimming and surfing conditions. I am going to miss morning beach swims so much, I am trying not to think about it!

View from Playa Linda looking South
Palm tree backdrop at Playa Linda

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