Montezuma Waterfall


This past week we had a rental car, since the girls were off school, and Noah took vacation days from work. On Tuesday we drove the mostly dirt road to the little town of Montezuma (about 45 min) and hiked to three different waterfalls in the jungle.

The first part of the hike we were actually hiking through the river (possibly took the wrong fork?!), trying to balance on slippery rocks. Both Noah and Cassidy ended up with wet feet, but Cassidy loved it. This is probably the only kind of hike that she will tolerate now that I think about it!

The first (lower) waterfall was the biggest of the three, and we were able to swim underneath it in a perfect, deep swimming hole. It was actually hard to get close to the waterfall once we were in the water, as the current would push you back toward shore.

Swimming under Montezuma Waterfall

By the time we left there were quite a lot of people arriving, so I’m glad we got there early. From there we had to cross the river and then hike up a TON of stairs to get to the two upper waterfalls. The top one was so pretty, and you could get right under it to take a waterfall shower.

After the waterfall hike we went in search of the “Butterflies and Beer” establishment that I had read about in Lonely Planet. Sadly, both the restaurant and butterfly garden have closed, primarily due to lack of business since COVID. But the owner (an American) is still brewing beer and passion fruit soda. We sampled both (yum!) and also got some to bring home with us.

We grabbed lunch at The Bakery in Montezuma; we decided to try the “Casados” — which are the local dish of rice and beans + meat or fish. We got to see lots of white-faced capuchin monkeys; it’s interesting how we have howler monkeys in Santa Teresa, but just a little ways down the road you only seem to see the white-faced monkeys.

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