Christmastime is Here


Our Christmas is a little different than usual. We do have a Christmas tree, but it’s not exactly a pine tree:

…and we only brought a few lights, but that’s a few more than the other condos on our little road! Plus, the lights look pretty strung out on our lower deck. 

The other day when we were driving to Montezuma, we saw a few heavily decorated Costa Rican houses with Christmas trees out front. So we aren’t the only festive ones here. A little ways down our hill there is a condo with lights out front (a lot more than we have, but they probably didn’t fly from California!)

Today we baked Christmas cookies!! They are supposed to be peanut blossoms, but we couldn’t find Hershey’s kisses, so they will have M&Ms in them instead. Red and green M&Ms. 

We also watched the Christmas Chronicles the other night. I liked it, even though it was a little more for younger kids. I am not a scary movie person. We might watch Christmas Chronicles 2 soon.

We are also planning to do a bit of last-minute Christmas shopping, which won’t be the greatest experience. To get to any shops we have to walk down the one road Santa Teresa has, which is a dirt road with lots of trucks and ATVs, in the blazing sun. 

But it will be nice because half the things we ordered from Amazon right before we left didn’t arrive until we were gone. Amazon’s two-day shipping is not reliable. Leave lots of extra time when ordering from them. We even paid extra for my kindle case to come early and it still didn’t come. Oh well, I’ll have it when I get back. And we can SUE Amazon.

After the peanut blossoms, I really want to make molasses ginger cookies. Our neighbor Charlie is a really good cook and he makes those sometimes and they are SO GOOD. They’re soft and chewy and they taste like Christmas. I think they are my favorite kind of cookie!

I’m listening to Christmas music right now. That’s another amazing thing about Christmas- it has designated music! It’s special because you only hear it at a certain time of year. Granted, it’s probably played for two or three months, but that’s still ten months not listening to it! My favorite Christmas carol is Carol of the Bells, but I also really like Away in a Manger and O Holy Night.

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