When Time is NOT of the Essence…

It’s funny how time marches on, even when you have no obligations and little semblance of a schedule. Before we left California, friends asked what we would DO for five whole weeks in San Martin, and I wasn’t sure how to respond. I was frankly a bit worried about how we would pass the time, but I knew that being on the move for more than 3 weeks at a time would be hard on the girls. So we decided to do 3 weeks on the road at the front end of our trip, 5 weeks in one place in the middle, then 3 more weeks on the road at the back end.

Now that we’ve been here in San Martin de los Andes for almost two weeks, what HAVE we done?? Short answer: not a whole heck of a lot!

On weekday mornings, while the girls have Spanish, Noah and I usually go for a run. We have found a pretty good one, about 7 or 8 miles (roundtrip) to a lovely lookout point over Lago Lacar. There are a few steep parts that I have to walk, but definitely a good workout and nice to have a destination.


You can make it a loop by running back through the leafy resort town.


On the way back, we often buy a few empanadas to bring home for lunch.  (Sierra and I have a new favorite flavor: the caprese empanada.) One of us may stop at the panaderia for bread and/or the verdularia for fruits and veggies, and every other day the supermercado for other staples. At some point during the day Noah usually gets out cash; there’s a pretty low daily limit, and we basically pay cash for everything here (blog post forthcoming on the cash economy in Argentina). This can take some time, as there is usually a fairly long line for the cajero automatico. The rest of our day is a mix of reading, writing, email, playing with the girls, and food preparation and clean-up. (Noah washes, I dry!).

Noah’s extra project is an online Spanish tutorial – he’s been working really hard at it and making good progress.  My extra project last week was planning the final 3 weeks of our Argentina trip. We now have all flights and hotels booked for our travels in the north of Argentina (in and around Salta, Iguazu Falls, and Buenos Aires). It was a lot of work to do all the research, but it should be pretty amazing. Now that I’ve completed that project, perhaps I’ll progress to project #2: making family photo albums from the last 3 years??

The girls have mostly been doing imaginative play in the house and/or the backyard, though occasionally we convince them to walk to the playground in Plaza Sarmiento in town. It’s a good 15-minute walk, which can be an impediment, but they do have fun once there.


Yesterday Cassie had an unfortunate face-plant in the dirt at the bottom of the slide; she was fairly easily cheered, however, by a combination of blue Gatorade (which she’d never had before) to rinse with, and then a trip to the creperie across the street.


We are saving bigger outings for Sat-Mon, when the girls don’t have Spanish. Outings around here mostly involve visiting different lakes, ideally with an option for a short hike somewhere near a decent beach. I was very pleased that we figured out how to take a public bus to Lago Lolog this past Monday; next up will hopefully be Playa Yuco.  I’ll definitely be ready for an excursion tomorrow.  Not surprisingly, I only do well with so much down time…

-La Portavoz


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